Bioscan - msa

BioScan- MSA or Meridian Stress Assessment is an FDA-registered class II medical device that tests the neurological pathways of the meridians in the human body. This device delivers low, no-invasive, pain-fee electric current on various acupoints on your hands and feet to create an EKG-like circuit with a very sensitive and calibrated ohmmeter. The BioScan measures the impedance of the current and its continuous flow through each meridian and organ, and returns with the results charted in a user-friendly report, which we will go over together at the time of your appointment. 

Using state-of-the-art Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement technology, the BioScan device scans all the major body systems and is able to detect:

  • Energy and stress levels

  • Toxins

  • Pathogens

  • Active and dormant viruses

  • Mold and fungus

  • Food and environmental allergies

  • Hormonal levels

  • Heavy metals

  • Vitamin and mineral imbalances

  • Electric Magnetic Fields imbalances



New Patient Detailed Session (90 MIN): $75

 Follow-up Sessions (30 MIN - 60 MIN): $35-$50


Bio-Scan (SRT) Stress Reduction Therapy (Allergies)

The BioScan SRT System is an assessment and therapeutic tool used by practitioners to:

  • identify those substances causing stress on the body – these are known as ‘stressors’

  • correct your body’s response so that future exposure to those substances no longer causes stress.

BioScan SRT works by emitting frequencies representative of certain substances. It then records your body’s stress responses to each of these frequencies. There are over 50,000 frequencies stored in the BioScan SRT's database which relate to different body stressors.

Baseline parameters have been scientifically established for the response toward each frequency. Any reading that falls outside of these parameters indicates that the representative substance may be creating undue stress – and possibly contributing to symptoms and wider health issues you are currently experiencing. 

BioScan SRT provides patient and practitioner with a report of findings indicating:

  • the substance and groups identified

  • the level of severity for each item

  • whether it is contributing to a chronic or acute condition



Bio-Scan (SRT) Stress Reduction Therapy (Allergies)

New Patient Detailed Session (2 Hour): $100

Follow-up Sessions (1 Hour): $45

Please note that Kristina is not an M.D. She is a Holistic Health Coach. She does not treat or diagnose, rather she works with addressing areas of dysfunction and educating you so you can make healthy life style changes. Please ask for her Terms of Service Agreement if you would like to learn more.